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An incredible trip in #simivalleyca to visit Dr. Bill and Barbara Peters of #AngelFireChristianCenter. They nurtured Danny when he was a mess some 45 years ago, when life and divorce devastated him. They sent him as an eagle from the nest and launched the global ministry of #DannyGarciaWalkingMan.  #walking and #praying for #children and #worldpeace.

⭕ Coming full circle to where it all began, as an original member of #AngelFireMinistries (1990s).

⚔ Dr. Peters is a highly decorated USMC Vietnam, FirstForceRecon Marine, elite of the elite.  His book #FirstForceReconCompnay contains harrowing accounts behind enemy lines in the Que Son mountains and is required reading for Force Recon Marines.

🌹 Beautiful Barbara of Apache descent is a professional singer (many years on TBN for Pastor Jerry Barnard), prophetic international teacher and author of #SpecialOpsWoman.

👑 Together, powerful Kingdom warriors! Our prayer and ministry covering, which we truly appreciate.

📽 The Peters opened their home for a film crew to interview Danny, the first step in making his life a movie.

These movie professionals have escaped Ukraine and the war in their country.  We were blessed to pray with them, hear their stories, and intercede for their families still in Ukraine.

California is alien to them; they miss their homeland; and yet they are thriving.

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